VERUS ENGINEERING(VELOX):A0008PB・ヴェルスエンジニアリング・86/BRZ対応フューエルデリバリーパイプパープル&黒HOSE



定価 42,800円(税抜)


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VERUS ENGINEERING(VELOX):86/BRZ対応:フューエルデリバリーパイプパープル&黒HOSE:1セット



・ホース:ステンレス or ポリエステル(ブラック)

Machined 6063 aluminum rail
Laser cut and CNC bent aluminum bracket
Billet fuel damper adapter
Highest quality stainless and Poly braided lines in racing for crossover hose
From metal hardline is high end push lock hose and hose end

Stainless HardwareE85 compatible
-8AN O-Ring Bosses (ORB) on both sides of the rail
Multiple adapters can be used
Various configuration are possible
-6AN ORB for the fuel damper adapter
Can use adapter for use with OEM fuel damper
Can block off if you don’t want to use adapter
Designed directly off OEM CAD for an OEM fit
Fuel rail features injector clocking tabs (circled in yellow)
OEM fuel injectors need clocked as they feature a dual cone spray pattern
Necessary to keep good drivability on the FA20
Features 0.69” Inside Diameter (ID)
Significantly larger than OEM (OEM shown in blue below)
OEM would actually fit inside these aftermarket units
BMRS crossover hose – stainless or polyester braid
Typically characterized by blue and gold hose ends
Used in Formula 1, IndyCar, WEC, NASCAR, and more
Extremely Flexible
High Heat Resistance
Durable and Long Lasting
Teflon Coated for E85 Compatibility
Full size drawings to aid in cutting of OEM brackets
All components are anodized for superior resistance to petroleum and ethanol


VERUS ENGINEERING(VELOX)は2014年に設立されたアリゾナ州のメーカーです。レーザーやCNCを使用して作製された高品質な商品はその仕上がりのみではなく、効果に関しても多くのテストと分析データに基づいたものとなります。インディカーのノウハウをフィードバックした商品を多く作製しています。